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cobranaconda [userpic]
Meme Thing Again

-Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile".
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Gakked from Bria (plz tell me how the fuck you do those ljname link thingies because it's pissing me off working it out :P )

1. What the fuck possessed you to do that many Unlimiteds?
Well, boredom. Desire to win for a change. Insanity. Desire for Potter Holocaust. I did 140 the first day. I think it's my fault Ant started doing so many, and Idri as a result, because as House Cup virgins maybe they thought it was normal to do so many :P If I hadn't been stuck in London for a week and a half I'd have done lots more :P

2. What language would you like to learn next?
Um... bugger. I did make a decent start on Swedish (it's insanely easy). Then gave up. I think I need something challenging so probably Chinese or Korean :P

3. Japan or England?
You even need to ask? Only country I've liked less than England I've been to is Italy, and considering I was in Venezia in mid-summer on a rainy day for 8 hours... I probably got a worse impression than I should :P

4. Favourite Monty Python movie of all time would be...?
Holy Grail. Just because :P

5. What's the worst internet drama you've ever been involved in?
Well, it's basically a toss up between the SSA Founding/DL Excommunication, and the SSA dissolution. As the former was more Hope, Shawn and Carleen's grudge against the DLs, with me as support act, I'll go for the latter, considering it was pretty much me and Erwin's fault XD


Italy >>>> You. :P

Username code it <*lj user=helplessdancer*> except without the stars. As such: helplessdancer

Oh man. The SSA/DL stuff... I am constantly telling myself 'Hey you were 15 and apparently kinda stupid when that all went down. You have an excuse!'. :P

Oh and if you feel like hitting me with questions, go for it. I'll just respond here though.



I'll have to go back to Italy someday and find out. And try and avoid getting pushed into canals :P

I was 17 for the SSA stuff. I'm still not sure why a bunch of 30+ers thought it was a good idea to put me in charge... so I can sort of blame them, but yea. The us, Erwin and James vs Hope fights were possibly the most retarded thing I've ever been involved in :P

Except maybe the XWFC shit me and Wes pulled :P

Questions? lol... I would do the naked/ankh;clothes/no ankh thing again but I've a feeling you'd kill me :P


1. Are there any decent American TV shows now that Whedon's disappeared and Heroes is shit?
2. Italian food, Chinese food or something else?
3. What the hell is a fraternity/sorority anyway?
4. Out of Wicked, Rent, Evil Dead and Repo, which is the one worth seeing most?
5. What're the odds of you re-defecting? :P

Well done. :p

Good luck with the not-getting-pushed-into-canals thing. :P

My life is so much nicer without the JC drama stuff. I mean, I haven't had middle school worthy gossip fests like those in YEARS now. Come to think of it, why did anyone ever put me in charge of anything either?

...oh ye gods the XWFC stuff. I swear to god that place isn't complete without me. n00bs.

1. Are there any decent American TV shows now that Whedon's disappeared and Heroes is shit?
Currently running? Yes: Chuck, Caprica, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries. That last one is actually surprisingly good.

2. Italian food, Chinese food or something else?
Right now, I'd kill to get some decent sushi.

3. What the hell is a fraternity/sorority anyway?

4. Out of Wicked, Rent, Evil Dead and Repo, which is the one worth seeing most?
Uhm. Never saw Repo nor Evil Dead. Wicked is a good show-- my entire family loves it. Rent-- I was actually only so-so on this when I saw it live. Maybe it was the cast, I don't know. However, I liked the second act much better and it really did move me to tears at one point.

5. What're the odds of you re-defecting? :P
None, sorry. I may be more of a Slytherin personality-wise most of the time but I kinda like being in Ravenclaw with Rachel and Yubs. ;)

Why, you gonna ensure you can ambush me next time? (always assuming Lebanon doesn't get fucking bombed again XD )

As for why we put you in charge, well, that was probably my fault. I think me and Erwin wanted someone who was strong-willed and fiery but without Hope's insanity, and we were doing some serious political wrangling behind the scenes, trying to get rid of her. Choice came down to you, really :P

And yea, all this RPG shit XWFC has done recently. I made their forum and buggered off, I think Cammie and Swan run it these days, but I haven't been in EUC for years :P

I'll look into those shows. I might give Wicked a try; it's on in the West End right now so worth a shot.

And maybe we should tell Nat to make Slytherclaw official next game :P Would make us evil intellectuals happy at least :P

And nice dodge on the one question I was sort of serious about :P

Lebanon is always getting fucking bombed.

Haha, it wasn't just there, it was kinda everywhere. I was in waaaaay too many positions of power online at waaaay too young an age. DA, I was an admin for DT, running XWFC, and other stuff that I can't remember right now. Silly silly people.

Hell, they're RPing now? Fffff. Yeah, they've broken down without us. Losers. :P

Yeah, def go for it! It's a solid show. :)

Uhh... oops? That was called me multitasking poorly and uh... Hold on.

3. What the hell is a fraternity/sorority anyway?
Okay you know all those stereotypical American films about colleges? Where they talk about frat houses and sorority girls etc etc? Okay, that's what it is. Except not really. Well, the stereotype is the exact opposite of what I am but anyways. It's like... shit, I don't really know how to explain this. We're people who walk around with Greek letters on our shirts and we have bounds of sisterhood etc etc. And then there's some drinking. And some friendships. Oh and we do philanthropy too. I'm shit at explaining this stuff. Take a wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorority

So it's basically a House :P

Only thing we really hear about them in the UK is hazing deaths, so none of us have a fucking clue :P

And I was in too many power positions too. Luckily, neither of us became JMT so that's cool :P

And maybe we should stage a re-invasion of XWFC. Try and dig up all the old members, TR, Firke, Wes, Robal, Myri, Jes; then reclaim it as our own XD

As for Lebanon... well, I'm sure it'll calm down... when Israel and Palestine work shit out (so sometime before the sun engulfs earth, I guess) :P

Sounds like the best explanation, lol. And that stuff does go on in some fraternities. But mine has a very strict no-hazing policy. If we didn't, I would've told them to fuck off and all. :P

Haha thankfully so! But dear lord no to an XWFC invasion. Especially if it means seeing Wes-the-asshole again. Besides, I'm pretty sure that Rachael's off being all happily married and is too busy for the internet and I haven't really talked to Heather in almost a year. Soooo probably not going to happen. :P

That'll happen about... never. :P

Ah right. I guess Heroes gave me quite an impression on that hazing stuff too :P

And Myri's still happily married? Hasn't it been like 2 years already? I thought most young marriages had moved on to boredom by then XD

As for Wes, well, maybe he got shot. One pluspoint of him being in the army is that it's a slight occupational hazard :P

And, well... maybe if you pushed all the Israeli government and Hamas and Fatah into a canal they'd reconcile or something :P

Didn't watch Heroes this season so not a clue.

Last I heard, yeah? Haven't really talked to her in awhile.

Is it a bad thing that I wouldn't be sorry if that happened?

Well, he deserves at least a flesh wound :P I think most of the females on the JC who ever encountered him feel the same way, so dunno if it's a bad thing. Maybe karma got him :P

Resistance is futile. :)

Haha :P

1. Vong sado-masochism or Bugfucking? XD
2. In what decade will we finally meet up and cause insanity, explosions and other fun stuff? :P
3. How is it physically possible for you to do so damn much?
4. Vampires, Werewolves, or aliens? ;)
5. Should I finish Sex Academy? :P