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cobranaconda [userpic]
So... My Life

Figured I ought to make a post for a change :P

So, I wondered... what is going on in my life recently. Do I really do enough to warrant blogging? Who knows. You can decide.

So, firstly, I am now one of those people hated by most others. Yes, I am a NEET. Not in Education, Employment or Training. I'm living off the government. Not through any choice of my own. I've applied for lots of jobs, but I'm generally just ignored. Salisbury is very much a tertiary town, and thus most jobs are shop assistants. However, due to the recession, every single place wants previous experience, which I happen to lack because I was a good student and didn't drop out. I'm applying for photography jobs all over Britain. Nothing. I'm applying for tourism and travel guide and language speaking posts. Nothing. I'm applying for teaching and photography jobs in Sweden (the reason will be divulged later). Nothing. I'm beginning to feel like the entire economy is my personal enemy. Doesn't help that I seem to have blown all my wonderful student grant on a load of shite, so now my money is in slight danger of disappearing. But oh well. I guess I could set up my own business for photography, but dammit, there're too many around here already, and a) I have no business skillz whatsoever, and b) I'm nowhere near confident enough in my own skills at photography to compete.

Which means if I fail to find a job before about February, I'll probably apply to go back and finish my degree. Which means more debt. Yay.

Anyway, in more internet-based news: I'm a silly bastard. I'm still scanlating Negima for the slowest-but-highest-quality group around, Aquastar. Doing a bit of Translation, a lot of proofreading, typesetting and QCing. Just not a lot gets released.

I also formed a new fansub group with my ex-army nutter mate called Kamei~Hame~Ha! for which I'm mainly the translator. If you like J-pop, or Hello!Project's Morning Musume in particular, I suggest you go here and watch right now :P

Also, I'm now slightly nuts into odd Youtube music.

Notable examples:

Because K-pop rules (lulz) :P

Danny Elfman before he became a proper composer :D

Boku wa lolicon - literally "I'm a paedo" :P Translation here :P

Seeing as I didn't blog about it, I'll just say that I went to Japan and had a fucking awesome time a year ago, and also got rather into J-pop. Hence I'm now sort of an odd person who confuses the fuck out of people by playing Kana after Burzum and Morning Musume before Nokturnal Mortum :P

And finally, I'll just say that for the first time ever I'm not single. Which is as much a shock to me as to most other people except maybe the wonderful girl I'm with. She's Swedish, hence the jobsearching in Sweden :P

Anyway, bye for now :P


Cool that you help scanlate with Aquastar, I read their stuff sometimes.

Things are the same over here in America, no jobs, so everyone is going back to school. It will probably be that way until the recession ends, which might take a while.

I'm not sure if you qualify as a NEET if you are actively looking for a job. I think that you have to be actively NOT searching for a job to qualify.

Luck to you, though.

Wow... you totally pwned me in the "I'm no longer single" department. Kudos to you.

And you'll find a way to deal with economic shite, trust me. If you have a will, a way will show up. :) I've taken to styling wigs so I can afford stuff other than food in my life. Good luck mate!

Haha, thanks *hug*

And you'll find a bloke (or girl :P ) who understands and appreciates you eventually. Just think of it this way. Good things come to those who wait, thus the longer you wait, the more chance you'll get a good one straight out of the box :P